Atlanta producer Dallas Austin pleads Guilty… by Mistake

Ronyae writes “How does a person plead guilty by mistake? Well, Atlanta producer Dallas Austin did just that, according to The Associated Press. Austin was quoted as saying “I’m pleading guilty, but by mistake,” he told the court. “I had no knowledge and no intention of violating the law.” And I’m curious about him having ‘no knowledge and no “intention” of violating the law’. Simply because if you have no knowledge, and that goes for anything with me, then any intention should “ring” obsolete. True? Fact. But much luv and big ups! for him as reports have proved ‘Dabai’s ruler pardoned American R&B producer Dallas Austin on Tuesday, July 3, 2006, hours after he was sentenced to four years in prison for possession of cocaine, according to The Associated Press.

Although Austin was pardoned, he’s remained in a Dubai jail. Now, this definitely raises a question. Information released to The Associated Press by members of Austin’s five-man legal team was that Austin’s release was “a matter of paperwork”. Also noted was the fact that the lawyers requested anonymity; something was stated about the sensitivity of the matter.

How sensitive could a matter be when you have a 33-year old, traveling with a controlled substance, unknowingly, for a three-day birthday party, at a hotel, in a Persian Gulf nation. Not to forget, the party was for Naomi Campbell, so there was supermodels and designers to name a few. Sounds like fun! But Dallas Austin will never know-personally that is. Heh, anyway, weren’t we at war in the Persian Gulf, or are we at war in/near that place? Sounds like a set-up to me. What y’all think?”

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