Aspiring Memphis model accused of plotting cocaine heist & murder

MEMPHIS, Tn. – — In a desperate attempt to fund her way thru a modeling agency, Memphis Police (MPD) say teenage Memphis model Jessica Sandy Booth tried to hire a hitman to assist her in killing and robbing four men living in the Hickory Hill district in Memphis for their cocaine stash which turned out actually to be only blocks of queso fresco white cheese. Antonio Surtado, one of the intended victims Booth planned to murder, stated he packages the cheese inside his house for his business. That wasn’t her only mistake, unknowingly to her suprise, she also made a bad judgement of choosing the hitman because the hitman turned out to be a Memphis undercover officer. Booth planned to pay the hitman with half the money and drugs after the murder.

Only 18 years old, Jessica Booth is now charged with four counts of attempted murder and four more counts of soliciting a murder. The undercover policeman, whom Jessica thought was the hitman at the time, says the aspiring model (Jessica Booth) told him she needed $7900 to pay a modeling agency. Which modeling agency is underdetermined at the time. During the undercover investigation, the officer gave her some non-functioning handguns as well as bought ammunition for her because she was too young and accompanied her to the home under police surveillance. “She loaded her own gun,” states the undercover officer. “She wanted them shot in the heart,” he continues then goes on to say they also have her on recording saying that if any children were in the house and old enough to testify then they would have to be killed as well.

Booth’s former classmates at her high school, Bolton High, says they remember her being outspoken, but not dangerous. John Booth, her brother, told media he doesn’t understand how his sister, an aspiring model, could be capable of hurting anyone. Well, that may be so with her brother but according to the MPD, Booth was quite happy to be involved in the murder. D. Taylor of reports that according to Lt. Jeff Clark who heads the MPD’s Project Safe Neighborhoods, Booth even made up a rap song about the murder.

Well the aspiring Memphis model and maybe even aspiring Memphis rapper, though known by her classmates for her fashion sense at Bolton High, is now known for her desperate attempt at murder; and is wearing only an orange jump suit in Memphis, TN jail on a $1 million bond. Knowing media and crime tails, as we do, in the past, don’t be alarmed if Jessica’s rap and modeling photos appear on the Web!

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