Are Digital Magazines such as ahead of time

Recently Sir Martin Sorrell, the CEO of WPP one of the top names of the advertising world, wrote an article discussing the world of advertising. In his article he attempts to calm the fears of those in the traditional advertising business that are uncertain what the internet and the digitization of media will mean for them. His view is that advertising is some what doomed and that advertisers need to be ware of the new developments. Well, another advertising CEO, Dave Morgan, wrote an article, The End of Advertising and Media as We Have Known It, showing another side of the new digital media world and how it will affect advertising.

Dave Morgan, CEO of Tacoda gives you the other side of the Sir Martin Sorrell article. In Morgan’s article he discusses how the digital revolution is just another channel for marketers to take advantage of. Unlike Sir Sorrell, Morgan thinks the new form of advertising will not be the end to advertising it will just make it shift from the old style advertising to one which favors the media. This new advertising will be more direct marketing and promotions. A few have seen this developing and tailored their business for the digital age. One of those companies is is a digital hip-hop magazine that can be reached not only by the local market but by the WORLD. That means advertisers will be more willing to use for advertising due to their availability to a larger market. In Dave Morgan’s article he goes on to state,

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