Am I My Brother’s Keeper

Here is some food for thought. You see a person being given the wrong information, what should you do? In our society today, most would do nothing not caring what is to happen to the misinformed person. It is not my problem is the thought of most.

That theory of thinking should be erased. Everyone should be more accountable for his or her fellow person. It may not be your problem personally but as a human, it is. We need to become more thoughtful of others and erase the concept of self-only. Not saying you do not need to look out for yourself, but we need to be more mindful of our brothers and sisters. Helping someone else will not take away from you, must likely it will give you something if not anything tangible it will give you a good feeling just for helping someone out.

Restoring responsibility and accountability is essential to the economic and fiscal health of our nation; these are words of Carl Levin. This statement shows the mere importance of accountability in our country, it is not something that cannot go without some attention. The country as a whole needs to understand the importance and embrace the idea of no one left behind. That alone will assist the country into advancing our current position in the world. We think we are the top nation but many other nations are ahead of us for the bear fact that they make sure all of their citizens receive help educationally, financially, and physically. We may not be able to meet the need in all areas, but we are able to do something in most areas.

This transformation is a hard one because people are driven to do things for the sole purpose of benefiting themselves. The idea of helping out others has been devalued and not seen as important in society today. Accountability in the American society needs to be embraced and respected by all human beings.

— Rodrice

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