8Ball & MJG, dead before P. Diddy

For Diddy to have resurrected Eightball & MJG, then that would have mean’t that 8Ball & MJG’s career was dead before Diddy.

Well that’s what you would think when reading an article written on HipHopDX entitled “Diddy: The End of the Line?”. The article mentions that Diddy has blessed us with hits since his days at Uptown Records and he quote “resurrected the careers of 8Ball & MJG and New Edition”. Well I’m not sure about New Edition because I don’t follow them, but I’m not so sure about whether or not Diddy resurrected Eightball & MJG, because for him to have done that then that would have mean’t that 8Ball & MJG’s career was dead before Diddy. I mean I have mad respect for Diddy and what he’s accomplished but I also have mad respect for 8Ball and MJG, as a matter of fact I think that they (8Ball and MJG) haven’t gotten the proper props yet by hip-hop media, award shows or honorary shows and they have inspired more popular rappers today than most.

But anyway, that’s another story. For now let’s just set the record straight that 8Ball and MJG’s career was not dead before Diddy and anyone who’s followed the careers of Ball & G knows that. As a matter of fact I’m willing to bet that although they (8Ball and MJG) may have sold more albums when they hooked up with Diddy (which is expected of any major deal), I bet you anything that fans of Ball & G who have ‘bumped’ Ball & G before Diddy, prefer the Ball & G of yesterday over the Ball & G after Diddy. That’s not to say anything bad about Diddy or Ball & G, that’s actually simply a common occurrence with many independent artists that turn major; they lose the hunger or they lose the ‘gutta’ as we call it that most hardcore fans loved at first.

In closing, if you take anything from this article, take this; Eightball and MJG are exactly as their Badboy album stated: “Living Legends,” but they didn’t get that way from their more commercial music, they got that way from their straight up ‘gutta’ releases we all know and love!

Much ‘luv’ to Diddy and Ball & G, ya’ll need to take it to the lab and come out with songs fitting an album title like “Ball & G: From M.E.M.P.H.I.S. to the N.Y.,” and you know what that involves more than any!!

In related news, Eightball is set to release solo album ”Light Up The Bomb” in conjunction with his label 8Ways Entertainment. 8Ball’s “Light Up The Bomb” is scheduled to release Tuesday, October 31, 2006. The lead single off Light Up The Bomb is to be “Time2HitDaClub”.

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