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8Ball Explains 8Ball and MJG’s Break From Diddy’s Bad Boy Records

Picture of 8Ball and MJG

Premro Smith aka 8Ball and Marlon Jermaine Goodwin, aka MJG, are now two years removed from Diddy’s Bad Boy Records arrangement which never quite panned out and 8Ball, in a recent interview, provides brief details as to what happened with the Bad Boy deal or rather the deal possibly gone “bad.”

“..I mean with the Bad Boy situation, man, I think it just kind of ran its course with us,” explained 8Ball in his interview with Vibe.

“I think there really wasn’t no more that could happen for us [over there] or whatever. I think everybody just kind of came to a decision that it would be best if we all just kinda be on our own and just move, you know, that was the best thing for everybody.”

Then going into how the two have been doing since almost two years off the label 8Ball explains:

“I mean, to me, it’s basically the same, man, you know. We both have our own independent labels that we been trying to work stuff through, and I mean, it’s basically the same with us. Ain’t nothing really changed, you know what I mean? It’s still kind of the same; you know, the shows don’t stop, the recordings don’t stop. I don’t know; it’s basically the same.”

Picture of 8Ball and MJG

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