50 Cent’s Mansion, Where ‘Baby Mama’ and Son Lived, Burned Down

Curtis ”50 Cent” Jackson’s multi-million dollar home, where his ‘baby mama’ Shaniqua Tompkins and 10 year-old son Marquise lived, burned down earlier Friday; authorities have deemed the fire ”suspicious” and are investigating possible arson.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s multi-million dollar home in Dix Hills, NY burned down earlier Friday. Authorities have deemed the fire “suspicious” and investigators are looking at it as a possible arson case.

Though the New York home was owned by 50 Cent, his ‘baby mama’ Shaniqua Tompkins was the one living there with reportedly a number of other people including 50 Cent’s and Tompkins’ 10 year-old son Marquise.

The two have been in an on-going fued over the mansion in court and was recently caught on video by TMZ in a heated argument just days before the house was engulfed in flames after leaving a deposition concerning their ongoing battle over the house.

Shortly after the fire, Tompkins blasted 50 Cent to the media claiming the rapper was out to kill her.

“He’s obsessed, if he can’t have me no one can. He said he was gonna have someone kill me and watch what he does and this is what he did. And he has made no contact to see how his son is doing. I’m very upset,” said Tompkins.

The house is stated to have burned for more than 40 minutes before completely burning to the ground. Tompkins and those in the house were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation.

Reportedly, 50 Cent has made several attempts to have Tompkins evicted unless she paid rent for $4500 per month because he believed he shouldn’t be paying for her live-in boyfriend, his kids and friends. Earlier this year, Tompkins filed a lawsuit against Jackson claiming breach of contract because he promised that the house would be put in her name. In addition, Tompkins’ attorney, Paul Catsandonis, is claiming that 50 Cent signed an agreement that would give Tompkins half of all his earnings as a hip-hop superstar and stated the rapper told 32-year-old Tompkins that he wanted her and their son to live in a safe and secure place.

During the fire, 50 Cent is stated to have been filming a new motion picture in Louisiana.

The two will be in Supreme Court in Manhattan on June 10.

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