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Insane Campaign – Jack D and Krazy Beats You two are from Mississippi, right?

Insane Campaign: (Krazy Beats) Yeap! we from the sipp!!! You both have been on the rap scene for over a decade doing individual projects, when did you decide to become Insane Campaign and how did the name come about?

Insane Campaign: (Jack D) About 2 years ago we came up with the name… We named our album “Krazy Insane (da underground campaign)” and for our website we shortened it and called it “Insane Campaign.” It was catchy so we stuck with it.. You have a new album set to release this Summer entitled Krazy Insane (Da Underground Campaign) is this still gonna happen?

Insane Campaign: (Krazy Beats) Hell Yeah! Most definitely… Right now we’re promoting the mixtape and the album… The mixtape is available now and the album is set for release in August!! Who’s all featured on the album and how many tracks do you have thus far?

Insane Campaign: (Jack D) We got different cats from Jacktown on there… Such as Xdiano, Victor Newman, Grade A, Slim Franchise, Lil Tone from W. Memphis, and Mike Geezy… Oh yeah, we have 20 bang’n tracks on the album… Any exclusive features on any of the tracks?

Insane Campaign: (Krazy Beats) Yeah, my n---a Rainman (Xdiano)… He just got signed to a label, when he hooked with us he wasn’t signed… So that’s a good thing!!! That’s not the first time he’s been signed either… What artists are you currently collaborating with and which ones would you like to work with in the future?

Insane Campaign: (Krazy Beats) Well, about a week ago we talked to Jody Breeze of the Boyz N Da Hood… He was in the Jacktown doing a show and we got a chance to holla at him… We gave him a copy of the mixtape and asked about a future callabo… It may go down… We’ve been considering working with Yo Gotti also… So have you already dropped a single from off of the album and if so, what track you plan on making a buzz with?

Insane Campaign: (Jack D) Yeah, we making it happend with that blaz’n track “1 2 3 o’clock” it’s on the album and it’s also on the mixtape… We even shooting a video for it… So what’s the music scene looking like your way?

Insane Campaign: (Krazy Beats) Things are looking good, Jacktown is coming up on the rap scene!! Who’s hot out in your area right now besides yourselves?

Insane Campaign: (Jack D) It’s Gravy!!! We got artist here doing they thang… Of course David Banner, Boo the Boss Player, Queen Boyz, and now you Jack D and Krazy Beats doing their thang! Tell us about some of your past acommplishments?

Insane Campaign: (Krazy Beats) In my earlier days as an artist I was in a group called the A.C. Boyz and then later on, I was in a group called I N C… I was the back bone in both of these groups… I produced a lot of tracks for both groups and made sure our a-s had a block at the studio to record… I later became a solo artist and produce my debut solo album “Incharge (H.N.I.C.)” I’ve recorded, produced, and worked on different mixtapes for various artist throughout Jackson, MS.

(Jack D) In my earlier days I dropped my single “Trashy Ways” and on the b-side “Southern Thang.” I followed up with the album “America’s Pain Killers” … That was a really big hit around Jackson… Then 2 years later I dropped “Pain Killers 2 (The Ultimate Overdose),” I should’ve done more than what I really did with this album… I didn’t promote it well…

(Jack D laughing) Ha Ha Ha Ha… Since you’ve been in the game so long, what advice could you give to those looking to get into the Music/Entertainment industry?

Insane Campaign: (Jack D) Promotion, Promotion, and more Promotion… If people know who you are, that’s half the batlle…

(Krazy Beats) Be serious, this is a business… Get yo paper work right and grind hard everynight! What do you have planned that the fans should be looking out for?

Insane Campaign: (Jack D) Of course the album, “Krazy Insane,” we about to start working on the “Southern Insanity DVD” and look forward to our shows and performances throughout the south!!! Last, what are the most important things that you want to accomplish during your career?

Insane Campaign: (Jack D) Number 1, when it’s all said and done… I want to at least have something to show for my hard work… Expand into other areas of music and even film… Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with We look forward to doing this again. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Insane Campaign: (Krazy Beats) No that’s all, We Appreciate the interview!

Insane Campaign – 2006

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