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Interview with A.P. Appleberry, 2x Hot 107.1 FM’s 901 @ 9 Winning Rapper and CEO of Parker Road Ent

AP Appleberry

In a recent interview, (2x) winner of Memphis Hot 901 @ 9 contest, A.P. Appleberry, spoke with MemphisRap.com about winning the music showcase with Hot 107.1 FM, what it felt like winning and more. The rapper, who sports a unique Memphis rap sound, also speaks about his music releases such as the MemphisRap.com chart-topping song “The Peabody” off his latest album release The Legend of Parker Road.

Now with a new song featuring Memphis rapper Miscellaneous entitled “We Run It” and an upcoming new music project, A.P. Appleberry is readying a new campaign to further mark his spot on the hip hop scene.

Check out Memphisrap.com’s interview with (2x) time Hot 107.1 Hot 901 @ 9 contest winner and Parker Road CEO, A.P. Appleberry.

MemphisRap.com: Who is A.P. Appleberry?

A.P. Appleberry: I’m genuine dude. I represent my family, my hood (West-J), and of course the city of Memphis. I represent hard work, determination and a go get it attitude. The Motto is Why Not Us! Why Not Now!
If I put my name on something I give 100% plus! In short, I’m a Grown Man. That’s who A.P. Appleberry is.

MemphisRap.com: What are some of your musical influences?

A.P. Appleberry: Good music is good music no matter what genre it comes from, with that said I’ve been influenced by gospel, country, blues, rock, pop, techno, R&B and Hip-Hop. Music has always been something I felt. I feel Bobby Rush when he says “I ain’t studdin’ ya, I feel It’s my life by Bon Jovi, I feel R. Kelly when he says “I don’t mean it”; I fell Eightball & MJG when they say “you don’t want no drama” and Kanye when he says “why you think me and Dame cool we a------s.” No matter the genre or the status of the artist, if I felt them then they influence my music.

MemphisRap.com: What got you started rapping and what lead you to be in the music business?

A.P. Appleberry: Just like any kid from my neighborhood, everybody thinks they can rap. You hear a beat and try to freak it. It didn’t matter where I was at the dinner table, the front porch, or a road trip, I was putting rhymes to beats. I got into the music business by way of a conversation with my cousin Christopher (Tenna-c) Saine. We decided that we would leave our stamp on the world through music and every since that day, I started to learn everything I could about the music business and how to develop myself into a successful artist and business man.

MemphisRap.com: Have you done any other showcases before Hot 107 in Memphis?

A.P. Appleberry: I’ve done other showcases but none of them gave me the type of exposure I was looking for like “Memphis Hot 107.1 9@9 showcase.” I truly believe the platform they made available for the city of Memphis was amazing. The showcase gave artists like myself a great deal of exposure and introduced fans to something fresh and new on a daily basis. That is a win-win for everybody.

MemphisRap.com: How did it feel winning the Hot 107 showcase with a landslide of 50,000 votes?

A.P. Appleberry: I felt like mannnnn! The city is rocking with ya boy! I felt LOVE! I felt that all the hard work I had put in was starting to pay dividends. The fact that it was a song about Memphis (The Peabody) made me feel like “The M” got my back. Then in May of 2013, the single ‘Never In My Life’ won. I was like damn the city rockin’ with your mane – it’s time to step it up a notch.

MemphisRap.com: Did you know or get to hear any of the other contestants?

A.P. Appleberry: Yeah I heard lot of cats but one guy stuck out in my opinion – my Boy Don Cipher & Team Light It Up! He had the Holla If U Need Dat & Public Enemy. That Public Enemy Go Hard! Big Shouts out to Don Cipher & Team Light It Up, I see you bro.

AP Appleberry - Legend of Parker Road Backcover

MemphisRap.com: Tell us about your new album The Legend of Parker Road? Where did that name come from?

A.P. Appleberry: Parker Road is the street I grew up on in Memphis. Parker Road and its’ residents have seen and been through a lot. Anybody that has spent more than an hour on Parker Road knows that it is a special place. I wanted to let people take a look into what it is like on Parker Road, past to present. The experience we share on Parker Road became history, history becomes legend, and I am The Legend of Parker Road.

MemphisRap.com: Were you working on that album before winning the Hot 107 901 @ 9?

A.P. Appleberry: Yes, I was working on the album way before winning the Hot 107 901 @ 9 — as matter a fact, I was done with it. My team and I were going through the process of selecting the songs that would make the album at that time.

MemphisRap.com: Who are some of the features on the album? Did you collaborate with any of the other contestants of 901 @ 9?

A.P. Appleberry: I did not collaborate with any other contestants however Don Cipher and I will be hooking up soon. I did work with a lot of ill producers and artists on this project. From Johnny Juliano, Vybe Beatz who produced Never In My Life, and Parker Road Artist Ty-Nicole is a monster. I don’t think she knows how good she is. Blitz Beats Productions, Cardogotwings & Gerald Walker, Bundy Risan, Frankie O. Solovely, My guy J Boy Fresh and Downtown Music who produced The Peabody. Making this album was a great experience and I enjoyed every moment of it.

MemphisRap.com: You’re out of Memphis but based in Dallas, Texas, so what are your feelings on the rap scene in Memphis verses Dallas?

A.P. Appleberry: Memphis & Dallas have a lot of similarities but the biggest difference is market size. This means there is more competition. I see artists like King Pinn & Gizzle Babie in Dallas sewing up corner stores and getting their music out or Knowl3dg3 and Lab Music taking a single like Coastin’ and running with it. I see guys like Big Bread in Memphis networking with all the top players in Memphis and expanding his brand. To me every city/hood is the same, they just have different players.

MemphisRap.com: What are your feelings on the overall rap scene right now?

A.P. Appleberry: I got love for what a lot of cats are doing in the game right now. I’m not mad at nobody out here grinding and getting that paper. I’m motivated when I see a guy like 2 Chains come from just being an act for DTP and now being one of the top cats in the game. I love seeing a guy like Miscellaneous that continues to focus and grind for his dream no matter what was thrown at him, now he is an award winning artist and hosts his own radio show on Memphis’ Hot 107.1. As for me, I dare myself to make my next track better than the last one. I believe that life rewards action. So my advice to anybody getting into this business is to get out here and grind for what you want.

MemphisRap.com: So what’s next for A.P.?

AP Appleberry ft Miscellaneous - We Run ItA.P. Appleberry: I’m working on a new project as we speak all new material. It’s been a lot of late nights putting in work but it is worth it. The 1st single will drop late October early November Titled (We Run It) ft. Miscellaneous, it was produced by Roneo, a young and upcoming producer out of Memphis. November marks Parker Road fan appreciate month so we will have giveaways all this month and the Parker Road Showcase will kick off in 2014 so make sure you logon to www.parkeroad.com for details.

MemphisRap.com: If someone wishes to reach out to you, how does one find you or get in touch with you for collaborations, bookings and other business?

A.P. Appleberry: You can catch me on top of The Peabody. LOL! You can hit me on Twitter or Facebook @Apappleberry. Email me: ap@parkeroad.com or contact me via phone @ 214-699-7797 or 901-729-9779

MemphisRap.com: Any last words before we end the interview?

A.P. Appleberry: I want thank you for this opportunity. I’ve enjoyed myself and look forward to the next time we do this. S/O: to GOD, my family, and the whole Parker Road Entertainment team. Much love Block 2 Block Magazine, Music In Focus and Hot 107.1 for their support. Last I want to send a big S/O to all the Appleheads & Roadheads that keep holding ya boy down, I truly appreciate all the love and support you continue to give me.

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