“Why are black women so argumentative?”

Video blogger asks, Why are black women so argumentative?

Why are black women so argumentative? That’s what one video blogger seems to have touched a nerve with women and a point questioned in the minds of men, and some women.

“Why are black women so argumentative? We find any and everything to argue over except something constructive. In fact we don’t consider it a good time unless we’ve been arguing and fighting with someone over something. We argue in defense of being single mothers. We argue in defense of cursing every other word and being whores because the men do it too,” Melissa Ortiz starts her video out with.

Video blogger Melissa Ortiz, as her name displayed on her YouTube channel, asks the question while providing statements on ‘angry and argumentative women.’

Chiming in from her own life experiences, Ms Ortiz, a single mother, addresses issues not often publicized in mainstream media.

To further validate a point, Ortiz asks black females to ask themselves, “When was the last time that you sat down, admitted you were wrong and closed your mouth,” after showing a clip of NBA star Lebron James, showing the common male character of apologizing with the simple words, “my bad.”

Check out the video of Why are black women so argumentative?

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