Arkansas Woman’s Prison Mugshot Leaves Her Dubbed ‘Prison Bae’ But You’ll Never Guess Her Charges!

Sarah Seawright of Little Rock goes viral after mugshot photo

An Arkansas woman has been dubbed by the Internet as the “#PrisonBae” after her prison mugshot stole the hearts of many from going viral online.

Sarah Seawright, 24, of Little Rock, Arkansas, was arrested on last month after which her mugshot appeared online and began to be shared over social media.

Seawright’s mugshot was being called everything from “beautiful” to “pretty” to “flawless” in comments from people online.

While many shared the new Prison Bae’s mugshot, which joined the likes of other viral mugshot photos such as now model Jeremy Meeks, many still did not know what the pretty girl in the photo charges and history of charges consisted of.

Well reportedly, her latest mugshot was for failure to appear in court for a 2014 careless driving charge which led to a warrant and that’s not all #prisonbae has been in trouble with the law for.

Seawright was previously brought up on accusations of everything from robbery to kidnapping and battery, linked to a parking lot theft in 2012.

Even though Ms Seawright has been linked to theft, one thing she is surely doing now is stealing hearts of those online.

Check out the mugshot photo of Sarah Seawright aka Prison Bae that started it all.

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