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Kia Shine ft. Young Dro and Maino – Checkin My Fresh (Music Video)

Kinfolk Kia Shine featuring Young Dro and Maino in the music video for the song Checkin My Fresh.

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  1. I think Kia is doing pretty good. He always stays in his own world and thats what makes him unique to the Memphis Music Scene. As far as the video goes,… I actually expected it to be a little more flashy than him being at the bowling ally. But for him to be where he is in his career and point in his life…. you can’t knock him cause he’s being true to himself. Unlike a lot of these FLOGGIN A-S RAPPERS still living out their mothers crib fronting like they are the BIGGEST DOPE DEALERS ON THE PLANET! LOL (That goes for both Local and Non-Local Rappers…. don’t feel like Im pointing at anybody…. THIS TIME LOL) Kia Keep doing you brah… but um… only 1 thing….

    “Respect My Fresh” was da S--t… but it’s like you keep trying to build off that one song… but that song is ya classic and it don’t need to be touched. The More you talk about ya fresh the More you kill that song….


    “Stunna Shades” That was another SMASH BANGER you did brah,… You really captivated the audience with it as well as “Respect My Fresh”…. You were really with the TIMES when you produced those records….

    WHERE EVER YOU WAS,… WHOEVER YOU WAS WITH,… WHAT EVER YOU WAS DOING AT THAT TIME is what you need to get back to doing cause THAT was when you were the DOPEST. (IN MY OPINION) .

    And anybody say that them songs wasn’t the s--t… they lying. You were more of a TREND SETTER then…. as oppose to the blend in follower of the music now even with you being in your own world… you letting to many people alter the ingenuity of Kia Shine.


  2. the video is dope but the song sucks he really is going backwards he needs 2 step his game up like his old music but he still cute

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