Racist or Not Racist? The Milton Bradley Story

Milton Bradley, now a Seattle Mariners outfielder states that he is still getting hate mail from his time in Chicago. Bradley who was once a Chicago Cub felt like he was a prisoner in his own home throughout the Cubs season. He signed a 3yr $30 million contract to the Cubs back on January 5th, 2009 and has been going through rough patches ever since. Him and his teammates were not getting along and ultimately resulted in Bradley being handed a suspension for his conduct by the Chicago Cubs general manager Jim Hendry. Bradley was suspended for the remainder of the season.

Although suspended for the remaining games for Chicago, Bradley was delighted to hear that he was traded. Milton was traded to his now home, the Seattle Mariners for Carlos Silva and cash considerations on December 18th. Bradley is very happy where he is now, but has not stopped recieving the racist hate mail. Claiming the Chicago Cubs fans were racist and did not like African Americans, Bradley had alot to say about his mail-givers.

“When you get paid a lot of money to play this game, they expect miracles. And when you don’t go out there and perform like that, then people don’t like it. People don’t want to see a guy that’s brash and cocky and a little arrogant and kind of does his own thing making a lot of money. They were like, ‘He doesn’t deserve that.'” “I was getting so much until I didn’t even have to open up the letter to know what it was, I could see from the envelope. I could just tell, you get an envelope, no address on it, no postmark, it’s just in your mail. How does that get in your cubby hole? I don’t know how that happens.”

Hendry claiming to not know anything about any mail being left in Bradley’s locker did not speak on the subject but did say “That couldn’t be farther from the truth,” I think it’s time maybe Milton looked at himself in the mirror. It is what it is. He didn’t swing the bat; he didn’t get the job done. His production was the only negative, or lack of.”

Someone needs to look into this situation at the Cubs franchise because if it happened this time it will happen again. Also from what we hear this is not the first incident it is just the first one to be publicized.

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