NFL May Implement New OT Rules

The NFL may be adding the Overtime rules from the playoffs to the regular season. The rules of the overtime in the playoffs is the first team that scores in the overtime whether it be a touchdown or field goal kick wins the game.

The owners are the ones that feel the rule will work well into the regular season.

Even though it will only be a 1yr plan, if it works, it might stick.

Some of the players and coaches are not as fond on the possibly new rule as the owners.

“I hate it,” Saints Sean Payton said. “It was just surprising because I think I was under the impression the overtime rule was going to be voted on (Wednesday), so it was kind of one of those back-door deals.”

The change will not be discussed until May in the Dallas meeting with the owners. If they vote to have this rule applied, it will start in the next NFL season.

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