Who in the hell are the Young Trojans?

Well, who in the hell are the Young Trojans u ask? We didn’t know either, but we went looking to find out! The Young Trojans are a new group straight outta Memphis, TN. Whatcha Hood LikeThe group members consist of 4 cats up outta North Memphis by the names of Young Snipe, Money Mike, Lil Deathwish and Jabo Capone. On the official website of Out Da Woods, they state that the Young Trojans have been holding it down in Memphis’ underground rap since 1998 until discovered by “Out Da Woods Records” in 2001. Since then, the Young Trojans have gone on to open for such acts as EightBall and Too $hort…

I have listened to a couple of the tracks myself but as you may already know by now, if you’re famaliar with our site, we don’t review music in the news site but I will say it’s “worth hearing”. Which, to me, all M-Town talent is “worth hearing” ya heard. But, the popular track today, from radio airplay, is “MY OWN MAAN”. Anyhow, look to our music review site for any upcoming music reviews on the Young Trojans.

Well I wanted to know a little more than what I found internet wise, and I’m sure u do too, so I called up “Out Da Woods Records”. Upon calling the first thing I heard, as you may already know from calling an M-Town studio, was the music in the background and a dude answering the phone as simply “Studio!”. That’s just “how we do in da M Town”.

Now I spoke with Ronnie Woods, one of the executive producers of Young Trojans album, and he says the single off of the album entitled “Where is at?” is airing next so be on the lookout to hear that on yo local radio station! Request it in your town. I also learned from Ronnie that the Young Trojans just recently opened for Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz in Clarksdale, MS and he says they got plans for some more appearances & performances soon but nothing being announced yet. So be on the lookout folks and stay tuned to for more information on the Young Trojans.

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