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White Teens at Waverly HS Pep Rally Blackface Skit Mocks Rihanna, Chris Brown Fight

What Waverly High School in New York considered a skit, parody or joke during a pep rally is no joking matter and has been called blatant racism by many. Although some in the community beg to differ by stating the students meant no harm, a number of individuals state that situations like this are uncomfortable for minorities and domestic violence shouldn’t be taken lightly and as a joke.

It’s unsure what the meaning of the re-enactment during the homecoming pep rally was meant to accomplish since it was supposedly for the title of “Mr Waverly,” but it consisted of three white teen students in black-face (make-up to appear black and was used to create stereotyped picture of a black person).

The three students re-enacted the Rihanna and Chris Brown fight and assault which made headlines and almost caused the talented singer/dancer Chris Brown his career back in 2009.

In a picture, posted by alumnus Matthew Dishler who is also a CNN iReporter, one student can be seen holding an umbrella while being held by another student as the third one lay on the ground as if they are being beat with the umbrella.

Meanwhile, sources state that some teachers didn’t agree with the skit, however no one attempted to stop the skit which was performed in front of other students, administration, media and community leaders.

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