Three 6 Mafia performs on the ‘The Tyra Bank Show’

Three 6 Mafia appeared on the “The Tyra Bank Show” Monday morning. After becoming the first rap/hip-hop act to take the Oscar stage, Three 6 Mafia, who penned the Hustle & Flow’s theme “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp,” won for Best Original Song.

Three 6 members Juicy J, DJ Paul, and Crunchy Black chatted with Tyra for a brief moment then later performed. When asked why they always carried their Oscar with them, Juicy J responds, “It’s super glue”. Tyra then asked how do they go to the bathroom or if they carry the Oscars with them to the bathroom, in which the group responds they do sometimes, which Tyra then asks “..can I hold it (the Oscar)”.

During the show Tyra also asked each member where did the origin of their name come from. Juicy says he got his name from fooling around with his brother when he noticed a Juicy Fruit wrapper on the floor; DJ Paul said his name came from scratching (turntables) as a DJ; and Crunchy Blac said he couldn’t tell where his name came from but says it came from the hood.

“Yeah yeah that’s a hood name.. ..I got that from the hood..(Tyra: So where does that come from.. Crunchy Blac?) If I tell you that, then we’ll probably be in trouble..,” Crunchy says. Tyra goes on to ask Three 6 about their gold grills and if they came off, which Dj Paul says not his top but his bottom does, and Juicy says his gold grills also come out which, at that moment, Tyra asked him to take them out and Juicy does so with cheers from the audience as he asks does anyone want his gold grill while holding the grill up in his hand. Juicy J says his gold grill costed around $30,000.

After the brief interview, Three 6 Mafia performed “Poppin My Collar” and “Stay Fly” as Tyra stood amongst her dancing audience popping her dress collar until the show ended.

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