Snapchat - The Snappening

Snapchat Hack Dubbed ‘The Snappening,’ Leaked Photos, Selfies & Videos a BIG Concern

Snapchat - The Snappening

In an incident being dubbed “The Snappening,” thousands of Snapchat users private photos including naked selfies and other nude pictures and videos have leaked online raising a big concern.

The Snapchat hack itself is already a big concern simply from the fact that most users probably were sharing some very private photos which they thought would probably never be seen again.

With the social media mobile application Snapchat, when a photo or video is sent by a user, it is suppose to disappear without being retrievable ever again on the social media app receiver’s end or by anyone else.

Using the Snapchat app, users can take photos, record videos and send it to another user who then has only just a few seconds to view the image or video before it disappears.

Well now that thousands of users files have been reportedly hacked from the Snapchat smartphone app, that privacy has been invaded, many questions have been raised and the biggest concern seemingly is that many users of the app are underage.

Reportedly, almost half of the users of Snapchat are under the age of 18, so many of the photos, at least those that bare or expose themselves, could lead to much more than a simple charge of distributing private photos.

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