Rap/Hip-Hop: Don’t Hate on the South

Dont be hating the South cause the South took the music industry over and making money.

Dont be hating the South cause the South took the music industry over and making money.

Most of the rappers don’t have to sweat in some factory or other 9 to 5 means to make a dollar.

Most of the people that are talking about how the rap industry uses the N-word or degrades women are either settled in a spot that they don’t have to work as hard than the next man or they are mad that their favorite rapper cant takeover the rap game.

We stay in the United States. We are free to say anything we want to say. Most of the people in the United States use the English system of learning. The English system has words that can mean several different meanings depending on how a person uses the word.

For example, the word “fine”:
The police arrested me for not paying my fine.
The girl next door looks fine.

What I am getting at is that the N-word is only bad when a person says the word in a bad way. If you listen to how music industry people talk, they don’t say N----r.

I could remember when people like Jay-Z made songs like Money, Cash, and H--s and got all kinda of radio play, and now he is playing this role like he is so concerned about how we rap.

Is it because Jay-z could not win over the music industry, and he is trying every way to shorten another person’s music lyrics cause he is set in his life with money?

Nobody forces the women to do anything that they don’t want to do. If they did, then there would be more people behind bars for kidnapping.

I also can recall Russell Simmons making a lot of money in the clothing industry, and [he] did not make any comment on how a person should say and use his words. Is it because his industry is not getting the green dollars that they once were getting?

These rappers did not put any gun to people heads telling them to buy thier albums. If people try to shut down or censor music, it is not going to solve anything.

All people are going to do is buy their own radio station and play what they want to play or just sell albums out the trunk and throw their own concert tours.

People don’t want to hear all of that so call good music. If they did, we wouldn’t be in this discussion now.

In conclusion, everyone who is talking about how rappers say their words, don’t get mad if you are not making those dollars. Don’t just point the finger [at hip-hop] because there are plenty of other music genres that degrade women other than rap.

You can’t Censor the TRUTH!!!!!!!


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