Rap vs Hip-Hop

Hip-hop will always be remembered but rap is a new genre which can be classified into many categories such as gangsta rap, Christian rap etc.

memphismink writes “Hip-Hop – very different from the aspects of today, rather behind in times although timeless.

Rap – develops and grows with time therefore is one with now & what is to come.

Hip-hop will always be remembered but rap is a new genre which can be classified into many categories such as gangsta rap, christian rap etc… therefore shall out-live hip-hop and grow into the future and not become a thing of the past.

Business minded people of today get hip-hop artists to inspire you, but are they really feeling the rap genre today, are we experiencing two different struggles or are we reaching out to two different audiences?

If we were to bring teens of today together to meet the hip-hop artists of yesterday would they have much to talk about?

Well one thing is for sure, rap is not hip-hop, and hip-hop is not rap! Some say that rap is a branch which grew from the root of hip-hop! Some say rap is not even a music genre yet a lyrical rhyming combination of words with no meaning. Still we listen to these words of no meaning, buy these words of no meaning and the Industry makes millions off of these words with no meaning, so who are we kidding, everything has a meaning just everything does not have the same meaning as what you think it means to someone else!

I mean I could give a damn about whether or not hip-hop can beat rap or can rap beat the hell out of hip-hop, but whas the real deal though…

Hip-Hop originated from the streets, rap originated from the streets; hip-hop gives kids an outlet of lyrical battles with other kids without the neccessities of music equipment and rap does the same. Everyone knows we still beating on the school desks today bumping to a beat that some future producer is beating on his desk while other kids get they flow on, right? Well if yeen know then you must have been the kid with yo head stuck in the books, good for you!

I think the real question is not rap vs. hip-hop but more specific rap music & lyrics vs. hip-hop music & lyrics? Has rap truly taken the meaning out of the lyrics or does hip-hop not speak on the harsh reality of today? Can hip-hop be re-introduced with lyrics of a rap artist or does rap need a little more hip-hop to piece together a missing link which seems to clutter the airwaves now with wack lyrics of rappers talking about nothing but cars & h--s but wanting to uplift a nation of hood folk out the ghetto?

What strikes me as a b------t, is that when you ask an artist today, what is their style they usually reply “I got my own style, I’m coming with something that ain’t nobody heard”? Well I’m still looking for that s--t to happen ya heard!

Peace, love and chicken grease!

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