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Police Say Sandra Bland, Found Hanged in Texas Jail, Killed Herself But Here’s Why It’s Hard To Believe

Police say a 28 year-old black woman named Sandra Bland, who was arrested for allegedly failing to use a turn signal when changing lanes, committed suicide by hanging, killing herself in a Texas jail cell, three days after being arrested.

Before being arrested, Texas police also say Sandra Bland assaulted a police officer during her arrest.

Sandra BlandVideo of her arrest was captured by a bystander and shows Sandra Bland being held down on the ground with a police officer on top of her while she claims the officer slammed her to the ground and she could not feel her arm or hear, while questioning why the arresting officers were being so rough and careless.

This is why Sandra’s story of ‘suicide’ is hard for her family and others to believe..

Sandra allegedly had good things going for her right before the time of her arrest such as a new job the Chicago native was starting in the new town of Waller County, Texas as a college outreach officer at A&M University, a historically black college.

Before her arrest, Sandra is seen in another video speaking about Black Lives Matter.

On top of that, there is no jail cell footage of Sandra Bland explaining what happened to her after being arrested.

Via legal counsel and through social media under the hashtag #JusticeForSandra, the family is in disbelief of Sandra’s alleged suicide and is seeking justice and an investigation into Sandra’s death.

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