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Paula Deen Fired For ‘N-Word’ Jokes, Memphis Mud Island Employees For ‘N-Word’ Hip Hop Song

Mud Island Monorail

First two employees of the Memphis Mud Island Monorail, which connects downtown Memphis with the Mud Island River Park, were fired for apparently playing loud, vulgar ‘n-word laced’ hip hop music too loud, now celebrity cooking show host Paula Deen is back in the headlines for ‘n-word laced’ jokes around staff, her ideas for a slave-themed wedding party and more.

First if you didn’t hear about the Memphis Memphis Mud Island employees, reportedly a letter was sent to Commercial Appeal’s editor from a tourist who revealed that drivers of the monorail were playing rap music laced with ‘n-word’ rap lyrics on the monorail full of tourists.

Why someone would think this is OK is another story, right?

Apparently, there are no loud speakers on the monorail, so the employees were simply listening to music on their mobile phones speakers, which were evidently playing loud enough to be overheard by the tourist(s).

As backlash, Memphis Riverfront Development Corporation, who operates Memphis Mud Island River Park, fired the 2 employees, who were seasonal workers.

Paula Deen Fired For ‘N-Word’ Jokes + Her Ideas For A Slave-themed Wedding Party

Paula Deen

Now, in related news, Paula Deen is in the news for being fired for allegedly using the n-word in jokes around employees, and reportedly talking about throwing a slave-themed wedding party with all black employees and the black men dressed like slaves in black ties and white jackets.

As backlash, the Food Network has fired Paula Deen and she has loss endorsements as well.

Apparently Paula Deen fans are freaking out over Facebook because Deen was fired for many are calling ‘simple’ and ‘common’ mistakes and they are targeting their protests at Food Network.

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The Monorail To Mud Island In Memphis Tennessee

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