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No Pants Subway Ride 2009

People with No pants boarding a subway

What if one day when you’re headed off to work or on your way home on the bus or the subway and people on the ride start taking their pants or skirts off, what would you say, do or think?

Well in this video the responses were definitely unique to the people on the subway ride who thought it’d be a good idea to start a group of people who would agree to take their bottoms off and ride the subway in nothing but underwear, panties, boxers and briefs.

No this is not like the ‘take your bra’ off campaign of the 1960’s or something like that, it’s not a protest of pants, yet instead, it’s just someones idea of a prank. Check out the video.

Oh yeah, p.s. this was in New York during a snow storm!

Girls and guys with No pants boarding a subway Girls with no pants on standing in snow Women and men with no pants on riding a subway train
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Watch the video below:

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