in, Social and Industry Networking Site Launching Soon will be developing a new online network,, which will be launched in the next week. It will be a meeting place for people in the Memphis area to connect with each other as well as a portal for people in other cities to make contacts with the Music and Entertainment people in the city of Memphis. “Being that Memphis is fastly becoming a bigger market, we felt a dedicated network could greatly increase awareness and opportunities for all abroad” states M Town Luv, director of and co-founder of

Users will be able to create a professional portfolio, make contacts, manage galleries, events, blogs, and more. Users will also be able to find matches of people who share their same interests based on a number of preferences. Inaddition to the network, promoters will be able to sell tickets to events in the area through an additional interface whereas fans will be able to print tickets and more all online. There will be a number of great features and opportunities available for those who are a part of the Memphis Peeps network including official contests, fanclubs, discussions, special promotions and more.

The greatest thing about this is that it’s for people of Memphis but also for those from Memphis who have moved away for some reason or for those who will be visiting Memphis to possibly make friends or contacts beforehand and those wishing to network with people in Memphis. Portions of the site will be brought to you via the site such as the networking promotions of the site which will be signified by’s web URL at! There will be no fee to join and basic registration will always be free. Stay tuned and make sure you become a part of the new Memphis Peeps network launching online next week!

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