Keepin It Real Pt. 2

Pt. 2 to the ongoing subject of keeping it real.

As previously reported on keeping it real seems to still be a thing people find hard to do. Recently an unknown source revealed that keeping it real with yourself is easier said than done. For example, is keeping real with yourself going to church praising GOD, when you get home and get high while regretting it at the same time? I think not! If you’re doing something you feel is wrong, but covering or hiding the fact just because you go to church, this makes you an even bigger hypocrite than someone that doesn’t attend church often, but gets high every day.

Keeping it real is just that, “Keepin It Real”. If you accept the bad with the good and balance the good to out weigh the bad that makes you real with yourself. But some people know they’re not being real when they do certain things because they figure no one keeps it real so why should they.

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