Kanye West gets into scuffle with photographer
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Kanye West Faces Criminal Charges For Fight With Paparazzi Photographer At LAX

Kanye West gets into scuffle with photographer

There are just some combinations that will never work and that’s Kanye West and a few of the paps on the city streets.

Apparently, Kanye West got into another altercation with a photographer which led to a scuffle at the LAX airport.

The incident reportedly happened on Friday and the photographer named Daniel Ramos claimed that he was battered by Kanye West.

The photographer was taken to get medical attention after sources say that he did a dramatized fall after heckling and harassing West with comments.

From the looks of the video that surfaced online, the photographer and Kanye West may have had words prior to this incident and Kanye West seemed to have had enough of the photographer and attempted to grab his camera.

As the photographer continued to talk to Kanye West, West made his way around the other photographers to walk towards him and told him nicely that he told him not to talk to him ever.

“What you’re trying to do is get me in trouble… so I have to pay you, like, $250,000 and sh-t,” stated West before grabbing for his camera.

The so-called push and fall of the photographer shows Kanye West with his hands underneath the guy’s arm, but he suddenly lets go as the guy plays potato ball around on the ground like Kanye West tossed him.

West throws his hands up in the air and walks off to go to his limo.

Since the little incident, police are investigating the alleged assault due to Ramos saying that he wants to press charges against West.

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