K. Michelle Loses Twitter Followers For “F***ing With Chris Brown”!

Photo of singer K. Michelle

Many artists and celebrities have shown their support for singer Chris Brown since his unfortunate happening with former girlfriend R&B music singer Rihanna, including Vivica A. Fox, Ne-Yo and many others including R&B singer K. Michelle who showed her support via her Twitter. has learned that K. Michelle, who recently released her new song entitled ‘You Should’ve Killed Me‘ featuring Rick Ross, is feeling the weight of supporting Chris Brown, who’s image is somewhat tainted and who is disliked now by some fans who can’t forgive the singer’s misfortunate assault on his then girlfriend Rihanna.

“I lost 20 followers cuz i said I f**k with Chris brown. How bout u stupid f**ks look in the mirror. We all make mistakes, I will never judge,” wrote K. Michelle on her mini blog on losing 20 followers or even more after realizing her words earlier on how “dope” Chris Brown is, came with some bad repercussion.

What did K. Michelle say about Chris Brown that caused her to lose Twitter followers? While in the office, K. Michelle stated that she was listening to Chris Brown and quote “..his new album, that sh*t is dope. we all make mistakes.. [Chris Brown] is dope.”

In related news, singer Chris Brown, posted his public video aplogy on the Internet on last week via his YouTube, as posted on,stating that what he done was “inexcusable “and he wanted to publicly express his “deepest regret” earlier but his lawyeres had been advising him to remain quiet.

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