former Judge Joe Brown mugshot arrested contempt of court
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Judge Joe Brown Arrested in Tennessee After Memphis Juvenile Court Outburst

former Judge Joe Brown mugshot arrested contempt of court

Former TV judge Joe Brown, was jailed in Memphis, TN after an outburst in the Shelby County Juvenile Court and sentenced to five days in jail.

Brown had showed up in the Memphis juvenile court in support of someone during a child support hearing.

Judge Joe Brown, 66, who is running for Shelby County District Attorney, had been warned that he would be in contempt of court when Brown insisted on reportedly challenging the county magistrate’s authorities.

Brown was first sentenced to one day in jail but Brown did not desist his behavior in the Magistrate Harold ‘Hal’ Horn’s Juvenile courtroom, so then four more additional counts for Brown’s outburst were added ending in a five day sentence.

Joe Brown, a former Shelby County criminal court judge was arrested, but has since been released from jail on bond.

Joe Brown has since reportedly deemed the arrest as ‘politically motivated.’

Check out the audio from Joe Brown’s outburst in court.

Audio: Judge Joe Brown contempt of court

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