Jerry Ray, Selling Autopsy Video of brother, James Earl Ray, on eBay

MEMPHIS, Tenn., April 4 – — Jerry Ray, planned to hold a press conference at The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4 at 1:00 p.m. where he reveals his intention to sell the video made at the autopsy of his brother, James Earl Ray, alleged shooter of the rifle that killed Martin Luther King.

Jerry Ray did not get to hold a press conference at the museum, yet was told to take his business elsewhere.

Museum official Gwen Harmon says Ray’s presence at the civil rights shrine on the 37th anniversary of Martin Luther King Junior’s assassination was in poor taste.

During statements made to the press at an intersection just off the museum property, Jerry Ray stated he hopes to sell the video of his brother’s autopsy for up to $400,000.

Jerry Ray has spent the last seven years in legal battles with the state trying to gain possession of the rifle the state claims his brother used to kill Martin Luther King. He hopes to conduct additional tests to prove it was not the gun used in the assassination of Martin Luther King.

The Conspiracy Museum of Dallas, Texas agreed seven years ago to purchase the rifle from the family. The State of Tennessee at that time passed legislation to retain ownership of the rifle and place it in the Civil Rights Museum.

The legal battle to gain possession of the rifle has exhausted Ray’s financial resources and brought about the selling of the video made at the autopsy of his brother, James Earl Ray.

In July 1997, Memphis Judge Joe Brown concluded that bullets fired from James Earl Ray’s rifle did not match the bullet that killed Dr. King. This ruling was based on a test performed by the State of Tennessee in that year.

James Earl Ray died in prison in 1998, serving a 99-year sentence after he pleaded guilty to shooting King on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel, which is now the museum.

Jerry Ray can be contacted toll free at 866.811.6090 – Cell 562.244.5246


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