Is Gangsta Rap guilty of Murder?

It is not a surprise that no one pays any mind to what Gangsta Rap does good for kids, the community, and for us as people in general.

Is Gangsta Rap really the cause?
Are we, the artists, guilty of Murder?
by M Town Luv

The answer to that is simple? Gangsta Rap is the cause but what it is the cause of is entirely a whole nother story.. We know guns kill, and that is the facts. But we also know people kill, and that is the facts. But are facts reality? No. Reality is how we use the facts in life? Reality is knowing right from wrong? Reality is what most Gangsta Rap is about! Without Gangsta Rap, would we recognize the reality of crooked cops? Would we recognize the ghetto? Would we recognize that there are kids out here who must live through the hardships of coming up in the hood? While there are those who grow up playing in the playground with only the worries of parents calling them home early, there are other kids who have the worry of gunshots, drug dealers and police(that’s another story). Now ask yourself, have you paid any attention or would you have paid any attention to the hood if it weren’t for Rap? Has there or is there anything being or been done to help resolve this well-known but well-ignored fact?

Yeah, if you live in the ghetto, of course you will know of the ghetto, but for those outside of the ghetto, would they know of the ghetto like they feel they do now if it were not for the ghetto? Well, they say if you haven’t been there… you know the rest. Well most Gangsta Rappers of today have been there except for a handful of actors and performers who only sounds as if they have been there when actuality, they have not. They were dressed, taught and are puppeteered to deceive you! But that’s not the subject of this article. The point, and my point is that, if you really truly think about it, Gangsta Rappers are delivering a message. A message from the streets. A message of reality. A message of life as they know it! And one of the greatest messengers of all time died from his message and his message was of a world of peace, freedom and love. But did we or have we listened? Well we are definitely hearing the message of Gangsta Rap, so I guess what I am sayin is, whether or not, Gangsta Rap is the cause or rather or not the artists (deliverers of this message) are murderers is a ridiculous question! The real question is are the receivers of this message the cause we deliver and are those who are guilty of trying to “Sweep Under The Rug” what Gangsta Rap has now began to reveal?

15 million children everyday will either watch a violent movie, tv show or listen to a Gangsta Rap song. One child will die every day through an accident with a handgun.

Now statistically, what do those numbers say to you?

Gangsta Rap was a major factor in the peace between major U.S. rival gangs.

It is not a surprise that no one pays any mind to what Gangsta Rap does good for kids, the community, and for us as people in general. The reason is not a surprise, because the media doesn’t run after a story of successful jobs created from Gangsta Rap. Now you know with millions of sales each year, there has to be people working to make that possible and that includes jobs anywhere from Music Industry positions to warehouses. The media doesn’t run after a local Gangsta Rapper who builds a community in his crime-ridden neighborhood of no activities except for the activities that the new community has provided. No the media doesn’t run after any of these things but they will literally break their neck and yours {ahh yeah the media can get gangsta too :) } to get a scoop on a suicidal or accidental death related to rap music or someone known to be involved with rap music. But I don’t blame the media for that, I blame society! Yes, YOU! No, correction, US! We love a bloody story, violent death, or related. No I don’t have the time to go into why we are like that, but I will say it’s not due to Gangsta Rap or, should I say, it’s not totally due to Gangsta Rap. Who knows, maybe it’s our nature to enjoy violence. But how can we enjoy violence without anyone dying? Hmmmm… well boxing is an option! I think the upcoming Tyson fight (related articles | forum) here in Memphis is what people all over the world consider safe or rather OK violence. Got you thinking huh? I bet!

Quote: “You’re nobody till somebody kills you.”

–Notorious B.I.G. in his song “You’re Nobody”

A handgun can be obtained on the streets for as little as 20 bucks!

I will end this article with a challenge to every person out there who owns a gun. If you believe Gangsta Rap is the cause of kids shooting each other, then what is the cause of adults shooting each other and are you willing to tell them the truth why there is war, why their is murder, why there is a ghetto, & why you can’t do anything about it?

Much luv to all those in the Gangsta Rap category.

Condolences to all who have experienced tragedy through gun-play.

M Town Luv

References, quotes and links can be found from the following Memphis sources:

Memphis City Schools were alarmed by how many students are bringing guns, knives, razors and other potentially lethal weapons to school.

The Renewal Community reflects the areas in Memphis which have the greatest need. The Renewal Community we envision will not only create economic opportunities but also generate jobs and hope for many Memphis residents.

Over 50% of households in USA that have children also have handguns in them

“My child has been taught the rules of the house and knows the danger of guns! He would never ever touch one let alone harm somebody with one!

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