Juicy J steer and Kayce Myers
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Got Beef? Teen Fan of “Juicy J” Names Her Jr. Grand Champion Beef Steer After Him

Juicy J steer and Kayce Myers

Juicy J has got beef and we’re not talking about hip hop beef, we’re talking about 100% real beef.

Meet Juicy J, a 1320-pound steer owned by a York County, Pennsylvania teenager named Kayce Myers, a 19 year-old who’s proud and became “overwhelmed” when her steer became a grand champion, reports The Sentinel.

Kayce, an obvious fan of Memphis rapper and producer Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia, made the news when her steer became a champion in the 99th Pennsylvania Farm Show.

The 19 year-old, who is of Wellsville, Pennsylvania, entered her 1300 plus pound steer in the show and beat out over 60 other steers to become ‘top beef’ in the junior beef steer division.

The teen, who named her champion steer after rapper Juicy J, described the 20 month-old steer as “the best animal” she’s ever had.

The 4H-Club member, who planned to sell Juicy J on the market at thousands of dollars over the market value (because that’s what champion beef goes for) sold him for $15,000.

Kayce plans to use her money to help pay tuition at Penn State York at PSU.

Lovin' on Juicy

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