From NYC to Memphis, TN, It`s Going Down

Eightball & MJG, P. Diddy, & Faith Evans on a track together? What! Eightball & MJG, who has, in the past, been accused of abondoning thier hometown of the the Big M but it doesn’t seem that way on this junt! Now how many of you real Memphis rap headz expected this? NYC to Memphis, TN? Well, you better believe it baby, cause like the song says, it’s going down. Da Dirty South has spreaded like no other underground sound before it’s time! If I were to compare it to a disease, I’d have to compare it to the flu, because it’s spreading fast, and it seems everyone who has caught a breath of Da Dirty has been inflicted with dat dirty slang as portrayed in this cut which myself wouldn’t have thought was possible, but credit is due.

P.Diddy showed he is truly a performer who has a real talent for shining upon a variety of styles. I wouldn’t say he sounds like he is from the south on this cut but he does definitely give you the idea he is familiar wit da dirty ya heard. Now as far as Faith Evans, there are no words needed cause this lady will shine on a nusery ryhme if she wanted to. Her voice carries the song and the song carries her voice no doubt. She congratulates pimpin in this cut and makes you look for the hook everytime. But hell this ain’t no review so just look for a review to show up in the reviews section if you wanna scoop on all dat.

Ahh yeah, word has it that P. Diddy plans to shoot a video for this junt here in Memphis, TN but there is no guarantee so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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