Electronic Pickpocketing: Thieves Can Steal Credit Cards Info With No Hands

Recently, there was a story that broke on the internet about Electronic Pickpocketing, where thieves steal credit cards info right from your pocket, purse or wallet without putting their hands on you or it, by swiping your pocket, purse or wallet with an off-the-shelf scanner.

In an exclusive story reported by WREG about Electronic Pickpocketing, the shock value is through the roof over the breaking news.

Studies estimate that nearly 140 million customers are at-risk over Electronic Pickpocketing, while according to WREG On Your Side Investigators, credit card companies downplay the threat.

Meanwhile, showing video of Electronic Pickpocketing actually taking place, WREG has revealed how easily someone, simply armed with a off-the-shelf or online purchased credit card reader, and a netbook computer, can steal your credit card info with ‘no hands.’

It seems that the flaw is the RFID technology or radio frequency identification technology that can be read, and swiped by the reader during the Electronic Pickpocketing, which many credit holders may or may not have. Some debit cards and passports use RFID and are susceptible to the readers as well.

Watch the shocking video of Electronic Pickpocketing in action:

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