Dissin’ Yo Gotti, tha so called king of Memphis

Did yall hear? It’s a new female rapper out named Cee Cee who has just released a mixtape named “Let It Be Known”. Well this 15 year old girl got a song on her cd talking bad about the one and only Yo Gotti. It all started when Cee Cee asked Yo Gotti about a feature and he gave her the run a round. She told him that she was fed up with it and she’ll release a song about him. Well, she did. Yo Gotti told her she was bumping but I guess that wasnt enough for this hot new female from the North part of Memphis…

Anyway, Cee Cee just wants to know if Gotti will seek revenge or what. You never know, even tho he just signed his $1.5 million deal, he might still make a song about this 15 yr old girl.

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