Did Marshmallow, the talking parrot, foil a recent Memphis robbery

MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – Hmmmm.. well let’s just start this out by using our imagination. Just imagine three guys plan a robbery. They plan to rob a home. Now let’s say they go to rob the home and while they are there one of the 3 men says the other man’s name around a talking parrot who obviously begins to repeat the name over and over again as talking parrots do, right. Now do the men take the parrot when they leave with all the other things they take during the robbery? No, they leave probably laughing about their getaway. Hmmm.. but I guess by now one of the smart ones thinks to himself, “Man, that parrot might say your name to the police!” Now what? Do they risk getting caught going back to get the parrot or do they simply make a clean getaway and hope the parrot doesn’t talk? You guessed it, they go back for the parrot.

Sounds like a fake story huh, well it’s a true story. The thieves names were Mark Martin, Dallas Davis and Jarrin Hicks and after making off with DVD players, computers, radios, TVs and more on Monday, one of them realized that Marshmallow, the parrot in the home had overheard him use the nickname J.J. for his partner in crime and was repeating it. They went back for Marshmallow and were seen loading it into the getaway car when police arrived, authorities said. A chase began and ended a few blocks away when the men crashed their car. The three men, ages 18 to 25, were all arrested.

“They were afraid the bird would stool on them,” police Maj. Billy Garrett said.

Marshmallow, a six year old light-green parrot of the victims, Felicia Cobb and her children, has not been seen since the cage broke open during the car crash.

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