Computer, assistant to Three 6 Mafia, running for Mayor of Memphis?!

Computer, personal assistant to Hypnotize Minds’ Three 6 Mafia, is running for Memphis Mayor?!! No not really or is he really? In a video taken from the Three 6 Mafia music video shoot for song ‘Lil Freak’ off Three 6 Mafia’s upcoming album “Laws of Power,” Computer, known for his role in the MTV reality television show Adventures in Hollyhood (a reality TV show based around Three 6 Mafia members Juicy J and DJ Paul and their transition from Memphis to Hollywood), announces that he’s placing his name in the ballot for the next Mayor of Memphis Tennessee.

“You know I’m the next person running for [Memphis] Mayor,” stated Computer on camera. “I’m finna submit my name in the race — I want everybody to come out and vote for me.”

Then jokingly mentioning how he would run the city, Computer states he would legalize marijuana and that’s what he would use on his campaign cards in his run for Mayor.

“Herenton then quit… They need somebody that know how to deal with white folks and blacks — white folks love me, black folks love.. I hang out in the da hood, I hang out in Germantown.. everybody know me.. I ride four wheel drive, I fish and hunt and all that sh-t.”

“You already then gave us [Three 6 Mafia] the key, just give us the oval office downtown — we gon’ have Memphis, Tennessee right! Aint gon be no mo’ crime in da’ hood — I know all the n-ggas that’s doing all the crime “main ya’ll gotta stop that sh-t, I’m Mayor now,” Computer added.

Computer goes on to explain more how he’s going to bring the crime down in the city, talks about how Fedex is going to hire “everybody,” even felons because he’s going to erase everyone’s records who pays their $2500 fee every 8 months to the city to wipe a charge off their records so long as the charges are not violent charges.

Check out the video of Computer, reality TV personality and assistant to Three 6 Mafia talking about submitting his ballot for Memphis Mayor at the Three 6 Mafia Lil Freak video shoot.

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