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Captured On Tape: Small Boy Saved By His Heroic Cat After Dog Sneaks Up and Attacks Him

Captured on video, a heroic cat saved her best friend, a small boy named Jeremy, 4, from a vicious attack by a rampaging dog.

As seen in the video, it is not your common scene to see a dog attacking a child and then running away from a cat.

Like the cartoons of the past, most times it is the cat being chased by the dog. Still, surveillance video on Tuesday afternoon captured a dog spotting a little boy riding his bike in Bakersfield, California.

Walking from behind a SUV, the dog sneaks up behind the unaware young boy and unleashes a vicious attack dragging the boy from his tricycle by his leg which the dog had grasped.

dog sneaks up and attack boy cat saves him

The dog wrestles the boy to the ground shaking his head as a cat is seen running to the rescue in view of the camera lunging onto the dog knocking him off the boy.

The startled dog begins running with the cat (Tara) chasing behind him.

The boy suffered a few bite wounds which required a few stitches and is doing OK.

According to the young boy’s father, Roger Triantafilo, ironically the owner of the dog was a neighbor’s pet, who was also bitten by the dog herself when she tried to pin him in the yard following the accident.

The dog has since been picked up by animal control, which is deciding whether or not to euthanize the animal.

Watch the video of the heroic cat saving a young boy from a dog attack.

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