Audio of Young Buck and 50 Cent Hits Net; Reveals Deep Troubles Between The Rapper & G-Unit

A recorded audio conversation between Young Buck and 50 Cent is revealing more information about the Cashville rapper and his troubles with his former crew G-Unit. In the audio Buck reveals financial woes and seems to look to his former boss 50 for guidance.

After reported that Young Buck recently made statements on a video regarding 50 Cent and saying quote, “f-ck G-Unit”, on yesterday an audio was released on the Internet of a conversation between 50 Cent and Young Buck, in which Buck revealed financial woes stating to 50 that he owes him and owes for last year’s taxes while Buck seemed to have been seeking guidance from his former boss [50 Cent]. Young Buck also mentioned that next year’s taxes are rolling around hinting that the audio was recorded sometime on last year or before. Evidently, 50 Cent felt the need to record the conversation because of some possible suspicion that Young Buck would “air the family business” as Buck has somewhat done in his diss video.

At the time of the audio, Buck expressed that he couldn’t make a record toward 50, and that he didn’t feel like he was a part of G-Unit. As for 50, he continued to let Young Buck speak and waited after finally telling him he [Young Buck] had to get close and/or stay close like Tony Yayo.

Buck, at that point in the audio, apologized to 50 Cent for being in the “wrong” which 50 responds with, “You gotta be able to stay closer to me, Buck, so you don’t f-ck up. See what I’m saying…. We’ll fix this sh-t. You just got to stay closer to the space it’s not gonna happen. Sh-t is different, Buck, right now and if you don’t stay closer to what’s going on it’s gonna f*ck up. Tony’s been the safest one, you know why? He’s been staying closer.”

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