6 Teen Girls Arrested After Video Taping ‘Beat Down’ For MySpace

A cheerleader and her friends beat up a fellow student after seeing an alleged ‘trash talking’ MySpace post and they video the beating.

A cheerleader and her friends in Lakeland, Florida beat up a fellow student after seeing an alleged ‘trash talking’ MySpace post.

The Polk County Sheriff’s office have released the video of the teenager being beaten. According to Sheriff Grady Judd, the 16 year-old teen was beat unconscious in a bedroom and then later awoke on a couch in the living room to more beating and screaming. The fight happened on March 30th at 6124 West Calendar Court in Lakeland.

Reportedly, the cheerleaders were upset with the young girl after she posted alleged trash talking on her MySpace page, so they took it upon themselves to make a video beating her to place on MySpace and YouTube which is stated to be one of five beatings given to her. According to the victim’s mother it was someone else who posted the message and they were made aware that someone had hacked into her MySpace account.

“It is disgusting that the attackers find it funny and want to post something on the Internet showing someone nearly beaten to death,” stated the victim’s mother.

Sheriff Judd called it one of the most disturbing videos he has seen in a long time and he hopes all those arrested will be tried as adults. The teens face charges ranging from felony battery, false imprisonment to kidnapping. The sheriff says the attackers “were relentless”.

Judd says the teens showed no remorse after their arrests.

“When they were in a holding cell, they were all laughing,” Judd stated. “One of the teens arrested, who is a cheerleader, asked, ‘Does this mean I’m going to miss cheerleading practice tomorrow?’ The others were cutting up and said, ‘It looks like we won’t be going to the beach this weekend.'”

During a statement, Sheriff Judd commented on the tape in which the girl holding the camera stated,

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