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All-Star – I Love You, Too Mixtape

All-Star I Love You Too mixtape cover

Cashville’s All-$tar ‘$tarlito’ in I Love You, Too Mixtape featuring Lil’ Wayne, Yo Gotti, Grind Hard, Young Buck and more. Presented by Cash Money Records /Grind Hard.

1. The Exordium
2. Crazy feat. Lil’ Wayne & Yo Gotti (produced by Fate Eastwood)
3. The Apprisal
4. Sustantivo Uno
5. iBall (produced by Broadway)
6. Blame it on Antares Audio Technologies
7. 36 O’s $tarstyle
8. First Date Sex
9. Feelin’ It (produced by Celsizzle)
10. Stanky Legg FREESTYLE feat. Trouble
11. Killa Head feat. Grind Hard (produced by Hot Rod)
12. Sustantivo Dos
13. I made it this far?
14. The Interregnum
15. One of these nights (produced by Hot Rod)
16. 5 Star REMIX Yo Gotti feat. All Star
17. Make me some toast (R.I.P. Dolla)
18. Always Strapped REMIX Birdman feat. Lil’ Wayne & All Star
19. The Multifaceted manifesto
20. Ridin’ Gettin’ Blunted feat. Young Buck (produced by Coop)
21. The Elucidation
22. Saint Assault Rifle Lito (St. A-R Lito on “I’ll be in the Sky”
23. I Love this Life feat. Mike j
24. Swagger Like Ric Flair (produced by Fate Eastwood)
25. Ain’t i $tarstyle
26. Tonight feat. Cruna (produced by PC)
27. I just had a dream about you (produced by WeeWee)
28. Sustantivo Tres
29. The Denouement

Download: All-Star Starlito – I Love You Too Mixtape

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