Joseline Hernandez and Rick Ross hugged up
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Rapper Rick Ross Gets Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez Pregnant?!

Joseline Hernandez and Rick Ross hugged up

Hip hop rumors have it that Joseline Hernandez has gotten pregnant after an affair and fling she had with rapper Rick Ross behind her husband Stevie J’s back.

The speculations derive from tweets that surfaced on Joseline Hernandez’ Twitter account, amongst other things.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star herself denied posting the tweets and claim that her account had been hacked.

Still, the rumors of being pregnant, as well as her cheating with numerous other rappers other than Rick Ross continue to circulate.

Sources have named everyone from Drake to Nelly to even NBA baller Kevin Durant as on the list of affairs Joseline had outside of her marriage with Stevie J.

Apparently all the rumors along with Stevie J allegedly lying to Joseline about sleeping with Althea, Bezino’s new girl, have led to the reality TV hip hop couple officially breaking up.

Meanwhile, most things have been built on hearsay.

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  1. I personally don’t think the sex tape will ever affect Mimi’s baby that little girl is so young by the time she get old enough to even know about the sex tape she not even going to give a damn no more I think all the females out here hating on mimi mad because they f*** and suck d--k for free Mimi get paid for it. Stop hating so much ladies. Yes she got played every woman dealing with any man had been before why is hers so much more bad? Because she’s on TV? I give her props for standing get ground. I hope when she see these comments she laugh and check Her bank account while all her haters check they food stamp cards.

  2. I think Nikon planned and followed through with “leaking” the sex tape, I believe he played Mimi like a fiddle. Mimi tries to give the impression to the public like she is on her A game, but she seems to be SLOW on her game and judgement. I don’t think there is a problem making a home sex tape at her age, but I do think she is too old not to know that she is sleeping with the enemy and been PLAYED. Now MIMI is focused on the money more than how this will affect her daughter in the future. Mimi better put a lot of money away for her college because she won’t be able to get a scholarship after this scandal, whatever is put out on the internet STAYS. It is time to lose Mimi and Niko they are not interesting. I guess NIKO must be doing something really special with his mouth to MIMI (weak minded, easy), but I have to say he just has a nasty looking mouth.

  3. I think Stevie J baby mama who did a sex tape with double nasty teeth boy is putting stuff out about Stevie J’s wife to so people will start talking about j.h.does Stevie J baby mama is still to me a weak when she have a menperson she should know double teeth came up with the money he got from the sex tape I hope he get his teeth fixed is she get some help

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