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Yo Gotti Speaks On Huge Fight After A Show In Little Rock, Ark

While outside his hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas, rapper Yo Gotti recently spoke about a reported huge fight after a show in the city.

“At this show, we just killed that sh*t, bout 20 n*ggas just got they a-s whooped,” stated Jason of JS Management, on camera followed by Yo Gotti talking about the show and fight.

Yo Gotti photo from video screen

“Mayne them n*ggas in Little Rock was going hard, them n*ggas was fighting like a muthaf*cka… a couple of them n*ggas need to be some boxers,” stated Yo Gotti, to the laughs of his crew.

In the video of Yo Gotti talking briefly about the show and fight in Little Rock, Arkansas, Jason of JS also revealed that he has video of the fight which he claims was a long fight about 12 minutes long. Before yawning evidently from the long hours that he [Jason] as well as Yo Gotti and crew are putting in on the road traveling city to city by bus, which he gave a mini tour of, Jason revealed he’ll be attempting to release the fight footage online soon.

In related news, Yo Gotti also revealed recently that he, contrary to rumor reports, did not get robbed in a barbershop as the rumor had it on last week. “I ain’t been robbed since years ago way back when I was hustling,” Yo Gotti told regarding the alleged robbery that actually did not occur.

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