Tommy Wright III returns with new album Ashes II Ashes, Dust II Dust

It would seem now that the Memphis rap undergrounder Tommy Wright III (rapper/producer) and the Manson Family are returning with a new Tommy Wright album entitled “Ashes II Ashes, Dust II Dust”…

Thought by many of his fans to maybe never return because of his longtime silence, it would seem now that the Memphis rap undergrounder Tommy Wright III (rapper/producer) and the Manson Family are returning with a new Tommy Wright album entitled “Ashes II Ashes, Dust II Dust” but according to, nothing is concrete yet. Tommy Wright III is maybe most known for his diss single “Thuggish Ruggish Bustaz” directed at Bone Thugs N Harmony (due to something they said about Memphis) and for his Memphis rap classic albums “On the Run,” which included “Thuggish Ruggish Bustaz” and album “Feel Me Before They Kill Me”.

The new album “Ashes II Ashes, Dust II Dust” features Tommy Wright III, T-Rock, King Goldie, Princess Loko, Charlie Brown and more and looks to be dropping November 28, 2006 according to some online retailers, and according to a MySpace site ‘drop’ claiming to be Tommy Wright III. “Whassup Tommy haters, for the first time ever.. Tommy Wright III, Street Smart Records, Ten Wanted Men, Manson Family live on the internet.. 5 years gone, 13 years in the game.. this here is MySpace 2006,” it says on the audio drop played on the MySpace site claiming to be Tommy Wright, III. However, we ( have seen the same online retailers already that have published release dates of Memphis rap artists including Kia Shine, La Chat, Project Pat and TONS of other artists all whom dates were posted ‘out of the blue’ but due to poor marketing or for some other reason or another dates were pushed back, even with the changed dates having no official announcement as well. Now I guess media is suppose to take myspace as an official word or announcement? What are artists and labels thinking, don’t they know media is how you get the word out!

“I simply don’t know what to believe and I definitely ain’t believing every single thing I hear about that’s posted on MySpace with so many wanna-bes on there faking like they are the real rap artist when it’s actually some 13 yr old out of Kansas City or some other city that’s just role-playing,” stated M Town Luv, editor and publisher of I mean I ain’t blaming the fans, I blame the artists and the labels for not getting in touch with us ( and filling us in so we can fill the fans and the Industry in on the real.”

“I mean, it’s half-assed marketing if you want to know the real truth or at least my real opinion. I mean I have been quiet for quite sometime, too long really, but this is getting to be ridiculous. Talented artists are signing with majors but barely selling any albums, everybody got this digital dream that CDs are gonna soar just becuase they’re on MySpace but they have no solid marketing plan, and fans (our readers) are left not knowing anything about their favorite artists. I mean most fans don’t even know these artists today are even preparing for an album when the whole time the artists have already released two singles and even a video sometimes. How does any artist, especially an artist or label out of Memphis or the South for that matter, think you gonna sell albums and you’re not reaching out to the million fans tuned in to (if that’s your target audience) and the 100’s of 1,000’s of other fans tuned in to other media. I mean, damn, it ain’t even got to be, just make it some form of credible media source with your target audience, so at least then we can first find it and second we can maybe have some sort of belief that it’s real. I mean don’t get me wrong MySpace is a great marketing tool especially for major recording artists and labels with a huge myspace audience seeking them out already, but artists (both major and independent) should build your own site first, then put your MySpace link on it (that way people know it’s real), and for marketing sake, get in touch with us (the media) and fill us in so you can boost your album sales! Yes the internet may have introduced new outlets, but the biggest parts of the Industry and music marketing (media, publicity and targeted promotions) haven’t changed and never has, artists and labels just have swayed from what really works in this Industry and always has worked. Some actually may have never known what worked, but in their case it’s time to learn because this business doesn’t have any room for failure or sorrow.”

No other information was available on Tommy Wright, III and the album “Ashes II Ashes, Dust II Dust.” Keep tuned to for more possible information.

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