T.I. Says Leaked Song Hunt ‘Em Down Not on New Album

T.I.’s has a leaked song Hunt ‘Em Down on the internet and the rapper states it’s not new material for his upcoming new album Paper Trail.

The T.I. song Hunt ‘Em Down recently leaked on the internet and first found on Zshare is not new material for T.I.’s upcoming new album “Paper Trail” nor was the video leaked by him, according to T.I. The rapper recently spoke with MTV regarding the song which contained what some media have referred to as ‘violent lyrics’ and stated that the song was created out of frustration felt after T.I.’s close friend, Philant Johnson, was murdered.

“Why these pus*y n*ggas runnin’ around?/ Hunt ’em down… I want them n*ggas dead / I want they head / I want ’em now…hunt ’em down,” are lyrics from T.I.’s rap on song Hunt ‘Em Down.

T.I. says Hunt ‘Em Down is an unreleased song that was not intended for public.

T.I.’s close friend Philant Johnson was shot and killed a couple of years ago and that’s when T.I. says the song was made.

“What I want to get out there to people is that this is an unauthorized, unmixed [song],” T.I. recently clarified. “It’s not a Paper Trail record. I didn’t record the song during any of this [recent] situation [with the law] I got going on right now. It was the first time I stepped into the booth and did a song after Phil had passed. That was the very first record I did, so of course it’s a lot of rage, frustration on there. It was never meant to be released. It’s not up to the same standard and quality of material I’m recording right now for Paper Trail.”

“I don’t want people to get it twisted,” T.I. also stated. “I appreciate [that] the people are eager to hear me, and they’ll take what they can get right now, but that ain’t what we putting out there. We got something way better for them. If they like that, then when they hear what I got, they gonna be more than pleased.”

Tip is said to be currently still in the studio and is choosing an official first single for the upcoming album “Paper Trail” to be released in a couple of weeks.

As recently reported on, T.I. is currently out on bail awaiting sentencing after entering a guilty plea deal on last month, March 27, 2008 to multiple weapons charges. As a part of his deal, the rapper must complete at least 1,000 hours of a total 1,500 hours of community service, talking to youth groups about guns, gangs and drugs.

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