Soulja Boy To Ice T, "I’ll Get My GrandDaddy To Beat Yo Ass"

After rapper/actor Ice T dissed Soulja Boy in an audio diss saying the teen rapper killed hip-hop, Soulja Boy has replied with a video response of his own claiming the 50 year-old rapper is too old to be trying to diss him.

After legendary rapper/actor Ice T, 50, born Tracy Lauren Marrow dissed Soulja Boy, 17, born DeAndre Cortez Way in an audio diss saying the Crank Dat rapper killed hip-hop, the Mississippi native and young rap star Soulja Boy has replied back with a video response of his own now dissing the once gangster hip-hop icon Ice T.

The young teen rapper told Ice T in the video, “This n–ga Ice T old as f–k, this n–ga old enough to be my grandfather, he’s the forefather of my nuts… we wikipedia’d this n–ga and this n–ga was born in 1958 and says he from the West Coast and he’s from New Jersey”. Soulja Boy continues on with his two sidekicks and then later says, “I seen this n–ga on TV the other day on Law and Order solving mysteries and sh-t. How you gonna make a song called ‘F-ck The Police’ 35 years later yo as playing the police on TV… real talk this ain’t no beef n–ga… hit me n–ga and your arm gonna break. Real talk, I’ll let you fight my grand daddy dawg, that n-gga would knock your a-s out. You was born before the internet was created dawg, how the f–k you even find me.”

The rapper ended up getting more serious with Ice T later on in his 7 minute video and informed Ice T that he talking to a 17 year-old young man, and shouldn’t have spoken things like telling him to quote “eat a d–k” and he should respect the game even though it’s different now. It’s evident that the 17 year-old Soulja Boy is keen and noted to Ice T, that he’s trying to use his name only because Ice T’s coming out with some new music.

You can watch the full-length Soulja Boy video response to Ice T below.

In other news, the rapper has released two singles from his upcoming album “iSouljaBoy” entitled “iDance” and “Senorita”. The album “iSouljaBoy” is expected to release in the Summer or Fall of 2008.