Same-Sex Marriage In California; States With High Gay Ghetto Couples

The California courts have ruled in favor of same-sex marriages. Gay couples can marry in California from any state. Studies show states with high numbers of gay ghetto couples.

The California Supreme Court’s decision to legalize “gay marriage” between homosexuals has a few citizens’ ‘undies in a bunch’. Previously it was deemed that a ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, now after the ruling gays have been celebrating the victory. California is the second state to legalize “gay marriage” with Massachusetts being the first state which only allows marriages from those within the state. California will allow couples from other states to come there to marry.

Although some seem to be happy about the ruling, there will definitely be a fight over a ballot initiative come November which could cause the man-and-man and woman-and-woman marriages to placed into the state constitution.

According to a report by Gary Gates of the The Economist, there are a huge number of gays who come out of the ghetto with Kansas 45%, Nebraska 45%, Utah 45%, Tennessee 30-45%, just to name a few and according to the statistical graph Mississippi is one of the states with the lowest gay ghetto couples.

So how does the presidential candidates feel about this? Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain all support civil unions but not gay marriage.

Guess the big question now is, when the couples flock to California to marry what happens when they return to their home state?

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