One of Memphis` Finest

Manage A Trois came together like a gun, ready to trigger at anytime, with the help of a well known producer with a dope azz track.

Even though their very own radio stations ignored them, it won’t be long before they will be required to play this group called “Manage A Trois”. Playa JB, Baby Doll and Mystro are making noise for the M-Town, traveling back n forth, and opening up for big artists such as St. Lunatics, etc..

From the stats they are a huge hit up in Jackson and was currently the No.1 song on the radio. So what’s next? From my view, they are going to bring a new vibe to the Memphis Rap industry, and show others that we have all different types of styles, and that is what makes us unique from others. Like they don’t already know that! LOL

With the support of you and others like myself we can either make a local artist successful or break them. However, it should be in your mind to help make them successful and support them in anyway possible. We have to show luv for each other and stop being playa haters!

Support local artists by requesting their songs.

Click here to download their newest single!

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