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Nicki Minaj Grammys Performance, Little Red Riding Hood Photos, “What Was She Thinking?”

Rapper Nicki Minaj arrived at the 2012 Grammy Awards in an outfit resembling Little Red Riding Hood with a dude dressed like the pope on her shoulder so it’s no wonder fans aren’t talking about her loss for Best New Artist and are more interested in know [What was she thinking?].

Nicki Minaj may have been nominated for a Grammy as Best New Artist and loss but that’s not the talk of the internet on the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The talk of Nicki Minaj is more surrounding Minaj’s performance, and how she arrived at the 54th Annual Grammys 2012.

Was the ‘little red riding hood dress’ and ‘date with the pope’ a sign that Nicki Minaj has found religion, is she protesting religion or just trying to make a BIG impression.

Whatever the case, the ‘Lady GaGa-like,’ outrageous outfit move has fans now questioning the rapper’s position that she’s gained in hip hop and in music, period.

Many reactions from fans are not good such as these:

“BREAKING NEWS: Hip Hop is dead. Place Of Death: The #Grammys. Cause Of Death: Nicki Minaj”

“The Nicki Minaj Grammy performance was demonic..”

and the seemingly, most asked…

“Nicki Manaj, what the hell?”

Of course, her most loyal of fans are echoing “People just hating on Nicki Minaj.”

Still, the rapper who has long been tagged as ‘a gimmick’ by rival rappers such as Lil Kim and by blog critics, is now under the gun again, but now by fans.

What will be the answer to “what was Nicki Minaj thinking?”


VIDEO: Nicki Manaj 2012 Grammy Performance: Levitates, Performs an Exorcism on Herself, Speaks in Tongues

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