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Memphis rappers Al Kapone and Young AJ Premiere On MTV’s $5 Cover With New Song

Al Kapone, Young AJ and Packy of $5 Cover

Hustle and Flow creator Craig Brewer’s new MTV reality television series $5 Cover along with online episodes of the TV show premiered last week and this weekend was the night of episode 5 featuring Memphis rapper Al Kapone along with his son, rapper Young AJ.

The two worked together ‘on the bricks’ delivering mattresses and ‘in the studio’ with cast member Brad at Packy’s Recording Studio on a new track entitled “Getting Mine” from off the $5 Cover soundtrack.

The highlight of the show was when Packy, after having an argument with Claude, the landlord of the building Packy rents for his studio called Packy’s Recording Studio, told Al Kapone he had to raise the price of recording which caused the two, Al Kapone and Packy, to get into an argument. In the midst of the argument, Young AJ, who was present during the profanity-laced moment of words, was warned by his father Al Kapone to never use profanity or do drugs just because he might hear people cursing or see people doing drugs.

“You gon’ hear alot of grown man [bleep]  in hear today, you might hear some cussin’ jus’ like you hearing — somebody might smoke some [bleep]  but that don’t mean you gon do the [bleep], you hear me? You ain’t doing none of that… mayne you ain’t smoking a mutha [bleep]  thang mayne,” Kapone, while cutting his argument with Packy short, emphasized to Young AJ who was caught smiling during Kapone’s and Packy’s argument. The rapper then turned and walked away still cussin’ to himself as he headed toward the studio mic to lace the “Getting Mine” track with his lyrics while Packy played the guitar.

Check out some photos from $5 Cover’s episode 5 featuring Al Kapone and Young AJ entitled “Skills Of The Father,” along with video footage of the actual episode.

Photos courtesy of MTV $5 Cover. Taken by Tommy Kha.

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