Love Power 1380 ‘Gives Memphis rap a blessing’

Love Power 1380 is giving listeners a twist not keen to the average Memphis rap fans’ ear. However don’t deny yourself or reject upcoming artists who are trying to relay a positive message through the source of hip-hop/rap music. I know, I know, most media potrays the message that rap is nothing but buck this, bust a cap that, smoke this but hey, WE’RE NOT that media ya dig! We’ve had the chance of listening to some of the gospel artists out here and we’re here to say that sometimes you wouldn’t even notice it was a ‘clean or spiritual’ rap song unless someone told you. Don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but that’s str8 up..

Examples of this type of artist would be Mr Del, ex-member of Three 6 Mafia, who frequents a local TV show hosted by Memphis radio personality, Tina Tilton. This ‘cat’ (Mr Del) has some songs that will fool even the biggest fan of Gangsta Memphis rap if he doesn’t pay attention to the words. Another example of this would be rap artist Denea who we interviewed recently about her upcoming release “Shinin”. Just take a listen to her single “Who I Am” and see if you hear any curse words. No, you won’t, because Denea doesn’t curse and in one of her upcoming interviews with, Denea will tell all just why she doesn’t use profanity and how her style still maintains it’s “hard persona”.

But, in short, Memphis rap includes ALL forms/genres of hip-hop/rap so we encourage fans to listen to them all sometime & broaden your horizon.

To listen to Love Power 1380 in Memphis simply tune to 1380am, for others outside of Memphis, you can tune in on the web at

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